A.S.T.R.A is a middleware application that resides between ERP systems and electronic Customs reporting protocols. Each instance is customized to the Client’s environment so that it ‘bolt’s on’ to SAP or Oracle to give you a seamless experience.

Product Features

  • Web-based
  • Secure Log-in
  • HTML5 front-end enhances user experience
  • System incorporates a control panel which allows the User to create rules for specific scenarios. This reduces the need to hard-code the application or manually edit the output files when these scenarios appear in the future.

Products/ Services supported:

CSA, ACI, Customs Reporting

Process Improvement

98% Reduction in Processing Time

The client, wanted to streamline its Customs reporting processes for its eyewear division.

Though the CSA initiative enabled them to pull inventory data for Customs reporting for its other divisions, the eyewear segment which constituted about 20% of their business was manually driven owing to product complexity as these were custom orders.

Zirish’s A.S.T.R.A system accurately de-coded raw data dumps from their ERP system and translated the files into Customs reporting entries.

The client has experienced a 98% Reduction in Processing Time. What earlier took a week is now completed in under 30 minutes.