The system allows the client to record the initial import entry (B3) and maintain a history tag/link of all subsequent adjustment entries. The system’s powerful search and filtering features allows users to quickly identify entries for adjustments which, when filed for an adjustment are then quarantined for any further edits until the receipt of the Customs acknowledgment (B3X barcode). Users have visibility of every adjustment, refund and drawback that has occurred on that B3. The database can be maintained for the required 7 years or longer.    

Product Features

  • Database of all import data and adjustment entries
  • Generate’s recap (adjustment entry) files
  • Audit trail of adjustments at the invoice line level
  • Monitors adjustment status at the invoice line level
  • Enables batch adjustments within a date range
  • Hybrid cloud hosting therefore easily scalable


  • Quicker search capabilities as it is database driven
  • Accurate as there is no manual data entry
  • Ensures no duplicate submissions are filed
  • Audit trail of all adjustments to a particular b3 are available instantaneously.