auditDox is a niche application developed by Zirish Consulting Inc. It was inspired from observing the increasing amount of work and responsibility being pushed down to Designated Officials. DO’s, in general are senior management executives who have other business priorities. In most cases DO’s will depend on a support team to collect the myriad amounts of supporting documentation. At the company level, these responsibilities are new for everyone, as the task was earlier being handled by the Controlled Goods Directorate.

AuditDox ensures uniformity, accuracy and exceptional drill-down reporting features. All with minimal resource time requirements.

auditDox seamlessly integrates with Zirish Consulting’s learning portal. Clients have a choice of generic CGP awareness courses or have one customized to their environment.

Clients can also choose whether they’d like training delivered either via the web or using a more traditional but more interactive face-to-face mode.

auditDox Features

  • Online form filling ensures forms are complete
  • Online data converted to requisite CGP form in pdf
  • Upload supporting docs including police reports
  • Automated risk assessments (lo, med, hi: similar to CGP guidelines)
  • Monitor expiry dates of supporting docs
  • Store scan copies of signed forms and documents
  • Directly connect target employees to CGP training course
  • Allow admin to monitor completion rates & missing documentation in real time
  • Maintain employee-wise CGP files
  • Generate CGP 6 monthly activity report