Accreditations and Compliance


The C-TPAT program started out as a modest program in 2001 but over the years it has become increasingly important. With mutual recognition treaties and contract negotiations encouraging C-TPAT or equivalent status, businesses will soon be left behind if they do not join.

Our methodology is built around automating most of the manual tasks. This has the following benefits:

– lower consultant fees

– a low-cost ‘workforce’ that is dedicated 24×7.

– quality time spent on analysis rather than data collection.

– quicker engagement turnaround.

Several Fortune 500 companies use our C-TPAT support applications.

Service is supported by:

  • C-TPAT / PIP & AEO projects use our web-based business partner supply chain security standards data collection and analytics product.
  • Program awareness is offered either through our multi-lingual web-based training content.

FertilizerCo saves $150,000 annually 

FertilizerCo could decided to join the C-TPAT initiative as it believed that participation would not only contribute to improving import compliance issues but also assist in maintaining competitive advantage.

Zirish Team reviewed FertilizerCo’s set of existing industry specific regulatory requirements and was able to integrate the C-TPAT initiative with its other compliance programs.

The company saves $150,000 annually from the integration and from C-TPAT program benefits.