Case Studies

4000% reduction in processing time

The client, wanted to streamline its Customs reporting processes for its eyewear division. Though the CSA initiative enabled them to pull inventory data for Customs reporting for its other divisions, the eyewear segment which constituted about 20% of their business was manually driven owing to product complexity as these were custom orders.

Zirish’s A.S.T.R.A system accurately de-coded raw data dumps from their ERP system and translated the files into Customs reporting entries. The client has experienced a 4000% reduction in processing time. What earlier took a week is  now completed in under 30 minutes. 

C-TPAT accreditation saves money

FertilizerCo could decided to join the C-TPAT initiative as it believed that participation would not only contribute to improving import compliance issues but also assist in maintaining competitive advantage. Zirish Team reviewed FertilizerCo’s set of existing industry specific regulatory requirements and was able to integrate the C-TPAT initiative with its other compliance programs. The company saves $150,000 annually from the integration and from C-TPAT program benefits. 

Training 400 employees in 15 days

When Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) wanted to introduce C-TPAT awareness training to 650 employees, they chose Zirish. Our generic course content was customized to suit MMNA’s backdrop. Zirish was able to effortlessly train 400 employees within 15 days of course launch. Our java based application also supported their request for an  SSO (Single Sign-on) environment.

Monitoring global assets

Our client has global facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The challenge was to have instant visibility of its physical assets and key personnel so that in the event of a pandemic or emergency, top management would be able to monitor and control the disaster recovery process.

Zirish’s C.A.M came to the rescue. It’s unique web-based platform has provided the Client with peace of mind.

Meeting CGD compliance norms

AerospaceCo was required to  register to the Controlled Goods Program (CGP). A mandatory step was to train staff on the CGP and ITAR. Zirish Team delivered the required training using a web-based platform, in a short span of time. Our consultants also assisted in the registration process.

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