Critical Assets Management – C.A.M

Zirish’s C.A.M application is a seamless web-based system that pulls data from various sources: such as legacy systems, the target audience itself and the Client’s control center inputs. It provides real-time analysis and points out areas of potential compromise, runs update spools and informs Users of threshold breach via regular email alerts.

C.A.M acts as a repository for contact details, security standards and can also broadcast  events to your target audience.

The application can be accessed via Internet and this includes your smartphone/PDA.

Uses for C.A.M are various:

  • Emergency contact for Fire and HAZMAT
  • Pandemic support (like the recent H1N1)
  • Web-based repository that is not part of your systems, ensures that you have access to vital data even if your data centers are down.
  • Web-based system enables access to data via smartphones/PDA’s
  • Real-time reports provide quality analysis of data collected and zooms in on deficient parameter

Monitoring global assets

Our client has global facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The challenge was to have instant visibility of its physical assets and key personnel so that in the event of a pandemic or emergency, top management would be able to monitor and control the disaster recovery process.

Zirish’s C.A.M came to the rescue. It’s unique web-based platform has provided the Client with peace of mind.