Duty Recovery

Businesses predominantly concentrate on meeting delivery deadlines. This approach can allow for several opportunities of inaccuracies to creep into your supply chain, especially in the area of duty and tax payments while clearing your goods at international borders. These cash bleeds tend to go unnoticed owing to several factors, some being:

  • Customs worldwide is experiencing increasing workloads. This backdrop creates a high possibility of your imports being assessed at incorrect tariff rates.
  • Personnel in the Procurement / Purchasing divisions may not have the expertise to classify your imported material correctly. Correct classification of your inventory requires precision and experience. Thus, an overpayment may go undetected for several years.

Our Duty & Tax Recovery programs are designed to return to you money lost owing to overpayment. Our program offering covers tax system in US, Canada and the global VAT systems.

Case Study

Our client, involved in importing various engines was unaware that it had been over-paying import duties until Zirish Team came in and conducted a diagnostic.

The engagement has resulted in an accurate HS database and claiming overpaid import duties.