Learning Management Systems

astraLMS is a unique Learning Management System which has allowed clients to cut down training delivery timelines and effectively monitor response rates. It also manages data for record keeping purposes.

The system can run any kind of audio/visual content; from in-house PowerPoint to professionally prepared productions.

Quizzes are always randomly selected from a quiz pool and are different each time the user attempts to take the test. 

Key features of astraLMS

  • Easy Admin set-up. Clients can be managing course delivery within an hour
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Provides various status reports
  • Online repository of completion certificates that are in pdf format
  • Web-based solution
  • Supports SSO (single sign-on)

Consolidating Training Initiatives

AerospaceCo wanted an application that would be a centralized repository for its staff training initiatives.

astraLMS was chosen over several other solutions because it offered features that the client was looking for, along with the flexibility of content and delivery that most systems did not have.