Process Improvement

If there is a better way to run a process, we will find it. Our innovative solutions help companies to stay ahead of the competition. Our value add is in:      

  • Using IT as an enabler. This approach eliminates manually driven processes as far as possible; which increases productivity
  • Integrating the new process into the company’s overall operations
  • Re-visiting the implemented process from time to time in order to gauge effectiveness.
  • Making adjustments to align the process with any regulatory changes or internal re-organization.

Our engagements are run with minimal disruption to the Client’s day-to-day operations.

98% Reduction in Processing Time

The client, an importer of custom sunglasses and prescription eyewear wanted to reduce back-office Customs reporting processing times.

Zirish’s A.S.T.R.A system was customized to accurately de-code raw data dumps and translate the files into Customs reporting entries.

The clarity and precision of A.S.T.R.A enabled the client to experienced a 4000% reduction in processing time. What earlier took a week was now completed in under 30 minutes.